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T1 splitting

What would be the required hardware to split a T1 connect in between two 7200 routers? I want to implement two routers in a active/standby role using hsrp on one side of T1, in case one router dies i want the standby to come and use the same T1 line . I've tried to implement this in a lab to no success with a T1 cable in each router going into a hub. I've also tried to use T1 tap or splitter but only worked with regular wic 1dsu cards which were unchannelized and the 7200's have channelized 8 port t1 cards. What type of hardware or cabling do i need to make this connection work?


Re: T1 splitting

You cannot directly "split" a T1 (or most other nework signaling .... coax-based Ethernet being a prominant exception),

What you most likely need is a T1 cutover switch. You can find tham at Black Box ( or similar catalog place.

Good Luck


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Re: T1 splitting

You can't split a T1 like that, its not a BUS its a point to point transmission channel. You could stick a T1 mux on each end but that would only provide two separate subrate channels, not the primary/secondary effect you want.

I've got to ask why you are bothering? If you look at the relative risk involved there is a vastly greater risk of losing the T1 than having a router die. If you go to the expense of two more routers at each end of this link it makes no sense whatsoever not to have another t1 connecting them.

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