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TCP Accelerator


dear Experts..

I want to know that does cisco have any tcp accelerator like packeteer or f5 or juniper?

acctully I am using a tcp based coonection over the wan link (VSAT) so i am looking for tcp accelrator but o prefer use cisco rather than other brands..



Re: TCP Accelerator


Re: TCP Accelerator

There isn't much acceleration available through a satellite link.

The latency of going up 22,500 miles & 22,500 miles back is pretty well fixed in physics.

If possible, try to use non-TCP based protocols (like UDP and a higher-layer error check & flow control .... like tftp). Since TCP relies on an acknowledgement ("ACK" before proceeding with the next block of data, the throughput will always be limited to the send/ACK cycle time (a function of the latency).

If the link is clean, you can expand the size of the chunks that you send, to get more data through before waiting for the ACK ... but if the link is not clean, it's more likely that the data will need to be re-transmitted (overall effect: less throughput).

In many cases, it'll boil down to trial-and-error to tune the system for max throughput over your link.

Overall, you might do better with a good caching proxy, depending on the type & nature of your traffic.

Good Luck


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Re: TCP Accelerator

You are looking for rate based satellite control protocol RBSCP. This came into existence in 12.3T and in 12.4 it has been further refined with access list based RBSCP.

For even better bang for the buck in the optimization arena of satellite and WAN acceleration check out the ACNS product line for HTTP,FTP,DNS,WAFS,caching/proxy via WCCP and WAAS,WAE.


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Re: TCP Accelerator

Yes, we have a product called Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) which combines WAN optimization (including TCP optimization, data compression, and data suppression) with application acceleration. This product competes directly with F5 WANJet and Juniper WX/WXC products. Please check out for more details.

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