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Telenet from direct connect PC over ethernet - connection closed by remote host

I have attached the configuration for both my Raleigh and Dallas routers. Using putty, I can telnet to the Dallas Router via a direct ethernet connection. I have the Raleigh Router configured the same way, but I get "connection closed by remote host" then "Network error: No route to host". I have the same problem on my Raleigh Router. The Dallas router is a 2610 IOS 12.2. Seattle is a 2621XM IOS 12.3 and the Raleigh Router is a 2651 XM IOS 12.3. 



Could you post "show ip route

Could you post "show ip route" on both routers?



HTH, Dragan
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Sorry, I thought I had

Sorry, I thought I had included that but did not. I've attached it now.

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I think we've both confused

I think we've both confused replies to two different questions I have posted. Showing you the IP route is what is needed for my other question

This is the Telnet question.

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Do you still want me to post

Do you still want me to post the show ip route for Dallas Dragan? Sorry for the confusion.


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In case it will help Dragan,

In case it will help Dragan, here is the routing table for Dallas.

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The Windows Firewall was

The Windows Firewall was already turned off. The Norton Firewall was on. I disabled it, but still had the same problem - connection closed by remote host. Don't forget, I got into the Dallas router with the same setup.

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