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telnet problem for 6500 series switches

we configured cisco hierarchy with core,distribution and access.all 3 layers have cisco 6500 series switches.vlans are configured at distribution switches.i can telnet to core and distribution switches but i cant telnet to access layer switch?..i have checked the configuration but still the same me out...


Re: telnet problem for 6500 series switches

Minimal info but OK. Your issue is either a routing problem or an access-list problem.

If you get a message: Connection refused, it is an access-list problem. In all other cases it is likely to be a routing issue. Check that the vlan where the mgmt of the switch is located is reachable via ip routing from the admin-vlan or any location that is required.

What you could/should do is to build a separate vlan where the management interfaces for all switches are put in. It is your decision to build separate vlans for the core/ distribution/ access layer or a single vlan for all switches.

You may then control access to this vlan using ip routing tricks like distriubution lists. An access list can be used to limit access to (for example) the management vlan or whatever you prefer.



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Re: telnet problem for 6500 series switches

Hi mini,

you need to check following things for access.

1. same L2 vlan is created on access switches as created L3 vlan on Distribution switches.

2. any access list you have created that is avoiding to telnet access switches.

3. line vty 0 4 is configured with the password.

4. any access-class is confiured inside the line vty.

or pls share the config of distribution and access switch.


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Re: telnet problem for 6500 series switches

i cant ping the management IP of access switch from the desktop..ip default-gateway configuration has already made...i can telnet to access switch through distribution switch but i cant telnet it through desktop

trunking protocol dot1q has been used between core,distribution and access...eigrp is between these switches...still i acnt telnet to access switch

one thing more...several vlans have been configured on distribution switch...i cant ping to any vlan gateway IP from access switch apart from ip default-gateway i.e.distribution switch..

management vlan is allowed on the trunks of dist and access switch...i can telnet access switch from distribution switch which means that all vlans are allowed on trunk...but i cant telnet from desktop,this PC is on one of the vlan...

there are no access-list configured

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Re: telnet problem for 6500 series switches

can anybody help me out..its really very urgent

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Re: telnet problem for 6500 series switches

Hi Mini,

pls share the config of ur distribution as well as access switch.


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