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Three Querries.

Hi Netpros,

This time i have some questions.

> What is the purpose of command "redistribute connected"  & "redistrubute static" in OSPF , BGP and in RIP.

> What is "Graceful Restart" in BGP and in OSPF.

What these below command performing :-

bgp graceful-restart restart-time 120

bgp graceful-restart stalepath-time 360

bgp graceful-restart

> What are the different timersin  normal STP and in RSTP.  How they are differ in normal STP & RSTP.



Re: Three Querries.


-------- > What is the purpose of command "redistribute connected"  & "redistrubute static" in OSPF , BGP and in RIP.

redistribute connected  ---- > Advertise the connected interface to the neighbor router or peers.

redistribute static ---- > Advetise the static route that configured in router to its neighbor router or peers

What is "Graceful Restart" in BGP and in OSPF

specified mechanisms for interaction between routing protocol peers which allow the peer of a failing device to continue forwarding packets to that device, even though the neighbor relationship has been destroyed.

GR is the only feature that interacts with peer network devices,all other features (SSO/NSF/NSR) are internal to the router and therefore don’t

require standards

A Graceful Restart capable device will announce its ability to perform graceful restart to the routing protocol peer. It will also initiate the Graceful Restart process when a route processor transition occurs and act as a graceful restart aware device.

For more detail visit :

BGP NSF Awareness Timers

This section documents the configuration of the BGP graceful restart timers.

(Optional) The restart-time argument determines how long peer routers will wait to delete stale routes before a BGP open message is received. The default value is 120 seconds.

(Optional) The stalepath-time argument determines how long a router will wait before deleting stale routes after an end of record (EOR) message is received from the restarting router. The default value is 360 seconds


Chetan Kumar

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