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Traffic dropping on one end of tunnel

Our company recently rolled out a email system with the use of SSO thru google apps. So basically anyone on our physical network can sign in to check there mail.

The problem we are having is for remote users accessing through the VPN.

ASA > Router 1900( <GRE tunnel> Branch Router (public IP submitted for sending/receiving mail) . When connected to VPN a tracert test gets to the 1900 router but then times out.

When connected to the 1900 Router itself and a traceroute is done t the mail IP host the traffic drops when is reaches the branch router tunnel side.

All other branch connectivity and VPN  has been verified the past few months and everything is working as it should(we have 5 branches running GRE tunnels connecting back to the 1900 Router and about 50 remote users.)


Could it be something in the ACLS or routing? I included some of the routing statements on the 3 devices just to verify

1900 Router >

ip route 61.11x.xx.xx(mail host) side tunnel IP)

Branch router >

access-list 150 permit icmp host host 61.11x.xx.xx


access-list nonat-inside extended permit ip host 61.11x.xx.xx RemoteUsers

route inside 61.11x.xx.xx 1



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