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Traffic management

Headquarter (Network "A" 192.168.0.x/24), connected via Ethernet to several Branch Office (Network "B" to "E" 192.168.10.x/24 to ...).

The Ethernet interconnecting the BO with the HQ are over WireLess, each link is a point-to-point /30 VLAN.

Each link has a limited Bandwith (5Mbps max.), but also the trunk on the HQ has only 5Mbps.

The Attachment can better explain.

I need to configure some policy, to ensure that:

- each BO must receive at least 1,25Mbps (5Mbps /4)

- if only one BO is making traffic, this one can use all the 5Mbps

Some suggestion?

Policy Map, Traffic Shaping, ???


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Re: Traffic management

Shaping is likely what you want to use.

What can be done will depend on your equipment.

You might shape all to 5 Mbps and provide each remote a minimum of 25% of the 5 Mbps.


ip extended access-list remotesite# (1..4)

permit ip #.#.#.# any

permit ip any #.#.#.#

class-map match-all remotesite#

match access-group remotesite#

policy-map 5Mbps

class class-default

shape average 5000000

service-policy remotes

policy-map remotes

class remotesite#

bandwidth percent remaining 25

interface (to HQ or remotes)

service-policy output 5Mbps


Beside equipment limitations, unclear what equipment sits on the LAN segment in the center of your diagram. If you only have routers as shown on your diagram, you might modify the above for the HQ router outbound. Remote sites, if you also need to regulate inbound bandwidth (to HQ), is a different problem since you can not easily coordinate bandwidth usage between them.

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