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Traffic Policer

I have an ASR 1K.  My ISP provides me with a layer 2 handoff.  When I plug the other end of the cable into my switch I also plug the two ASR routers ports per that provider into this Cisco 3560 switch.  I have 3 metroethernet 50/50 connections.  One particular (Probelmatic) has a policer on their end to cap me at 50 meg on the 100 meg port.  On my ASR I have a policer on each ports that my provider(s) are plugged into to cap me at 50Mbps.  One of my providers are causing the bandwidth to drop dramatically.  They think its due to the policer.  The other two provieders are fine.  Has anyone ever heard of this.  Below is an illustration.

ISP's equipment------------- CPE ----------- My Cisco 3560 switch ------- ASR1k(with policier or all three ports for all three ISPs)

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Traffic Policer


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Policers can be very detrimental to some traffic flows, generally when they use a too small Tc.

Do you know all the parameters being used by all the policers?


BTW, I would suggest shaping traffic you know is going to be subject to a downstream rate limiter.

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