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Traffic policing to be applied in 2 Cisco ASA interfaces


I was traying to make a traffic policing over a Cisco ASA 5505. The problem that i had is that i can´t find the way to apply that over 2 different interfaces.

This is the scenario:

I have 20 Mbps from my ISP

Cisco ASA Interfaces:

Interface Vlan1 = inside = network

Interface Vlan2 = outside

Interface Vlan3 = inside2 = network

I want to assign 10 Mbps internet BW for each inside interfaces

This is what i was trating to do:

access-list QOS-VLAN3 extended permit tcp eq www any

access-list QOS-VLAN1 extended permit tcp eq www any

class-map CM-QOS-VLAN3

match access-list QOS-VLAN3

class-map CM-QOS-VLAN1

match access-list QOS-VLAN1

policy-map PM-QOS-VLAN3

class CM-QOS-VLAN3

  police input 10000000 10000000

policy-map PM-QOS-VLAN1

class CM-QOS-VLAN1

  police input 10000000 10000000

service-policy PM-QOS-VLAN3 interface outside

and then if i tried to apply the service policy to VLAN1 its said that there is already a policy.

Need help on that. Justo want to assign 10Mbps BW for each interface.

Thanks !

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