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Traffic shaping using QOS

Hi all. Very new with QOS. I have 5 remote sites. 3 sites connect to an mpls cloud using 2821 router/25mbps pipe. 2 sites have 3750me switches. Bandwidth to these sites is 100/250mbps. I am looking to shape the traffic leaving these sites, so anything exceeding their cir is dropped. How would I do this. Any sample commands? Here is what I am trying to do for the 250mbps site.

MPLS#sh policy-map

Policy Map out-policy

Class bandwidth-out

Traffic Shaping

Average Rate Traffic Shaping

CIR 250000000 (bps)

I am then trying to attach to a gig interface using service-policy output command and attaching my policy-map. Is this correct. Config is attached.


Re: Traffic shaping using QOS

yes the config seems ot be correct but i am afraid that the service-policy output command is not supported on the 3750 switches



Community Member

Re: Traffic shaping using QOS

Hmm. How would I apply a shaping/qos policy to an outgoing interface? I do have es ports, if that would make a difference.

Re: Traffic shaping using QOS

If the command is not supported on that platform then either go for IOS upgrade or as a workaround use rate-limit on interface.

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