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Trouble seeing one router using Rip 2

Hi.I have 3 routers (2 2621's and 1 2620xm).The two 2621'1 are connected to serial Interfaces on the 2620xm.One of the routers Is also connected to a switch(s0/0 .I have clockrate enabled on the 2620xm for both Interfaces(s1/0,s1/1 and 4) and the cabling seems to be right.

When I telnet to one of the 2621'1 that Isn't connected to a switch I can see that Rip2 Is working.It sees the two other routers and their networks.I can then telnet to the other two routers and they also see all available networks.

   When I telnet directly to the other router via the switch or to the 2620xm , The third router (s0/0 Is not detected at all.

Sorry If I'm not clear In my wording.Would appreciate any help. thanks


Trouble seeing one router using Rip 2


You mean there is one subnet you are not seeing  as RIP in the routing table of one of the routers?

Can you post the topology and configs from all routers as well as sh ip route rip, sh ip rip database and sh ip protocols on three routers.


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New Member

Trouble seeing one router using Rip 2

Hi.I meant to say that when connected directly to the one router (s0/0 , the other two routers are found , one through RIP and one through Direct serial connection.When I telnet from this router to the other two , everything Is working fine.They've all discovered eachother and their subnets.

When I connect directly to either of the other two routers they can see eachother and their subnets but not the .6.2 router.

Will try and post the configs later.Not at home at the moment.

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Trouble seeing one router using Rip 2

Found the problem.I used two Ip addresses In the same subnet for the two serial Interfaces on the 2620xm.

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