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troubleshooting NM-2FE2W / Cisco 3640


IOS: 12.4(5a)

I'm having problems with my 2FE2W. All 3 lights in the back for both ports 9when Connected) flash together (3 per port) on and off every 2-3 sec.

The status of the interface goes up and down every 2-3sec.

Tried the module in slot2 and slot3, same issue.

Swapped cables , no change.

All config is good and interface is no shut with Xover to PC. Tried a different PC, same issue.

How can I pinpoint what the issue is? Is it a router or a module issue?



Re: troubleshooting NM-2FE2W / Cisco 3640

I guess you need to do some kinda of a trial-error method.. if you have another spare chassis, try putting the module in that and see if it works fine.. If it does not work on that too, it is clearly something to do with the module.. Also check for the IOS, if it supports this module on the present 3640.. there could be a software issue too !!!

hope this helps..all the best..



Re: troubleshooting NM-2FE2W / Cisco 3640

Agreed w/ Raj that the only item that you did not swap is the chassis & the module.

Try to source a chassis and another module and test again.

Did you try to set both speed and duplex to auto (and same speed & duplex) at both ends (router and connected device) and test again ?

Hope this helps.

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Re: troubleshooting NM-2FE2W / Cisco 3640

Thanks all, will try this.

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