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Troubleshooting pfr configuration

I have recently configured PfR on our routers (Two routers) one as a MC and BR with 200 mbps internet connection directly conenctioned to MPLS and the other as a BR with 100 mbps internet connection directly connected to MPLS and change the aggrigation type to BGP and mode route is set to be on observe with below configuration,

The main purpose here by deploying PfR is to use PfR magic to have a redundent path/connection so if traffic on the 1st router hit the 75% of BW utilization treshhold,  the rest of the traffic (25%) would get re-routed to the 2nd router (100 mbps ).

I have been monitoring it for last few days but it doesnt seem to be working fine becaouse the trfaic on the primary router hitting almost 95 percent of its BW and nothing is being re-routed to the backup router!

All configuration looks to be fine and the connection status is success on both MC and BRs...

I am currently using PfR v. 3.3 on primary router and v.3.0 on back up router.

We are redistributing bgp to eigrp and eigrp to bgp using route-maps.

I wonder if anyone could provide some feedback so that i could fix and troubleshoot this issue and make it work.


BR configuration on the backup router :


sh run | s pfr


local Loopback0

master xx.xx.xx.xx key-chain *******


sh pfr border

oer BR xx.xx.xx.xx ACTIVE,  MC xx.xx.xx.xx UP/DOWN: UP 19:00:44

Auth Failures : 0

Conn Status : SUCCESS

OER Netflow Status : ENABLED, PORT : 3949

Version: 3.0   MC Version: 3.3


Gi 0/0      INTERNAL

Gi0/1       EXTERNAL



MC cofiguration on the primary router :


sh run | s pfr

pfr master

max-range-utilization percent 10



border xx.xx.xx.xx key-chain *****

interface gi 0/1 external

interafce gi 0/0 internal


border xx.xx.xx.xx key-chain *****

interface gi 0/1 external

interafce gi 0/3 internal



inside bgp

aggregation-type bgp

backoff 90 90

mode route observe


pfr border

local Loopback0

master xx.xx.xx.xx key-chain******


sh pfr master


Conn Status : SUCCESS

Version: 3.3

Number of Border routers : 2

Number of Exits : 2

Number of monitored prerfixes : 210 (max 5000)

Max Prefixes : total 5000 learn 2500

Prefix count : total 210, learn 210, cfg 0

PBR Requirements not met

Nbar staus : Inactive

Auto Tunnel Mode : On


Global Settings:

max-range-utilization percent 10 recv 0

rsvp post-dial-delay 0 signaling-retries 1

mode route metric bgp local-pref 5000

mode route metric static tag 5000

trace probe delay 1000


exit holddown time 60 secs, time remaining 0


Default Policy Settings:

backoff 90 90 90

delay relative 50

holddown 90

periodic 0

prob frequency 56

number of jitter probe packets 100

mode route observe

mode monitor both

loss relative 10

jitter threshhold 20

mos threshhold 3.60 percent 30

unreachable relative 50

trigger-log percentage 30


Learn Settings :

current state : STARTED

time remaining in current state : 70 seconds


no delay

inside bgp

monitor-period 1

periodic-interval 0

aggregation-type bgp

prefixes 100 appls 100

expire after time 720



Please let me know if you need additional details so that i can provide.


Thank you all.



















New Member

Gentelmen,Any help/comments


Any help/comments please?

FYI> It learns all the traffic and prefixes and border router is now running the probes but when i run sh pfr border routes bgp the outcome is none...!!

Sh pfr master statitistics exit shows no activity on one of the border routers and it only shows activities on BR that is in MC router,

I can provide you more details if it would help,

The 2nd boder router doesnt have a direct conenction to master controler but the seeion has established per sh pfr master and sh pfr border.


Any feedback please?



















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