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Troubleshooting problem related to IP no route

Hello all,

In our network we are using BGP MPLS from ISP service provider.

one of our site is giving error through monitoring tool.

IP No Route: Upward Threshold Crossing, value = 100.0 %, threshold = 40 %

I have checked the routing table on both sites router,router in our head office and at remote site. The routes are present in routing table.

Their is no changes made in configuration too.

Since 2 days we are getting this error .

How to identify where the problem is and what command can be used to troubleshoot this problem.

Your help is highy appreciated.


with regards,


New Member

Re: Troubleshooting problem related to IP no route

Here are some idea's.

What is your tool specifically looking at in regards to this error or in other words what is your tool specifically pooling for the "ip no route" error?

Take a look at sho ip bgp sum and see how long the BGP peer has been up.

Is the route flapping?

Interface flaps or errors?

New Member

Re: Troubleshooting problem related to IP no route

Dear sir,

we are using BMC Dashboard and Cisco Works lms for monitoring our remote sites.

In dashboard we have feature

IP No Route

Applies to router

Description counts the number of packets that could not be routed

Either the router does not know how to route the packet received, or the links to the bridge-routers are not available.

Units percentage of routable packets

Default thresholds none

Points to check validity of the routing tables

state of the default bridges

state of the router's interfaces

If the router's tables are static and valid, this indicator may mean that the IP traffic is abnormal and a problem exists with a device that is trying to contact an IP address with the network's addressing scheme.

Note: The above information related to IP NO ROUTE is from Dashboard help doc.

I have checked the BGP session it is stable and their no down time and even the route is didnt flapped.

Their is no errors in the router's logging and in the show interfaces for wan interface.

I want to know command to trace this error and why it is showing 100% utilization for ip no route only.

Other sites are normal and their is not errors displayed.

please help me solve this error.

with Regards,


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