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Tunnel interface


I have a network with some providers like

VSAT, LEASED LINE,DialUp and so on,,


I have now a tunnel interface for connecting my branch office to my central office..

so I am looking for a better solution instead of tunnel interface..

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Re: Tunnel interface

Depends I guess on how often you passing data across that branch office connection. If it is not ofter used then maybe Frame Relay CKT, If it is often used them maybe just go with a T1 of sort.

I imagine when you say tunnel you are refering to VPN tunnel right.

Hope this helps


Re: Tunnel interface

It should be determine by yourself w/ your requirement (bandwidth, QoS, type of traffic, etc.), budget and cost/benefit, etc.

It is hardly to tell what is suitable for you.

Please explain more then we can suggest.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Tunnel interface


acctualy I have a Vsat connection between my remote site and central office

on both site we have router and sat modem

I have now a tunnel interface between my two routers,I am looking for a better idea,,


Re: Tunnel interface

What I suggest if you can source a stable and cost-effective solution then it will be the choice. The VSAT should not be cheap and very stable.

For the tunnel interface, it really depends on your usage. Can you advise why you require tunnel and what traffic will be tunnelled ?

If the link is not a private connection then you may require tunnel, if it is a point-to-point private link then tunnel may not be required. Moreover, tunnel will utilize CPU resource more, but only two tunnel should be fine.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Tunnel interface


we have to use Vsat, because this is for backup link..

here is the configuration of my tunnel..

interface tunnel71

bandwidht 1000

ip address

no ip redirects

ip mtu 1400

ip nhrp authentication mamfnhrp

ip nhrp map

ip nhrp map multicast

ip nhrp network-id 771

ip nhrp holdtime 300

ip nhrp nhs

delay 1000

tunnel source vlan1

tunnel mode gre multipoint

tunnel key 7771


do you have a better idea? or a better instead of this?


Re: Tunnel interface

What I only concern is the MTU size. Will it affect the traffic and match w/ the hosts at LAN side.

As I mentioned before, if there is more cost-effective solution (I mean physical media) then you can consider it. If for the tunnel interface, I have the above comment only.

Did I ans. your question ?


Re: Tunnel interface

That is a very interesting tunnel. Mutlipoint GRE using nexthop is commonly used over MPLS when you need to encrypt the traffic but still allow for any to any connectivity.

If I read your question correctly you are asking if you can send the traffic over the VSAT without putting it in the tunnel. To make that work your provider would have to have the routes between your sites in their network. If this is a managed network then they may do it.

The other issue is that you are running multicast.. or at least you have it defined on your tunnel. This is a common reason to run tunnels. Although you can now run multicast over MPLS it is not a common offering yet. Again if your provider offers it you can do it.

The main advantage to a tunnel is that you can make changes to your network and not tell your provider anything. If you run without a tunnel they now have routers that are now participating in your network and you must corrodinate with them.

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