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Tunnel Interfaces

is creating muntiple tunnel interface on the the same router may creat problem


Re: Tunnel Interfaces

It will spend more resources when there are more tunnels, but I did not find any issue for a single interface w/ multiple tunnels. Could you advise your situation ?

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Re: Tunnel Interfaces

i have connected through MPLS network & i Have one center & i need to connect all branches with this center with tunnel interfaces


Re: Tunnel Interfaces

Could you advise the reason why you require tunnel if you are connecting to MPLS ?

However, you still can enable the tunnel no matter it is MPLS or not. Be remember to include the tunnel interface in the routing table.

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Re: Tunnel Interfaces

There are a few normal things to keep in mind if you are looking at a large number of tunnels, such as each tunnel interface requires an IDB so with a large number of tunnels you might possibly have an issue with IDB limits (but since these limits are pretty high - and vary by platform and by release - I do not think this is likely to be a problem). If you are going to run a dynamic routing protocol over the tunnels you may need to think about how many neighbors the router will need to maintain. And some things like that. But in general there are not any particular problems with running many tunnels.

How many tunnels are you talking about when you say a large number of tunnels? I have a couple of routers running over 200 tunnels and have seen no problems with it.



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