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Tunnelling between two locations

Hello experts,

How to configure Tunnel Between two locations

LocationA :

Int Gi 0/0 -

Int Gi 0/1 - no ip - will be used for LAN

LocationB :

Int Gi 0/0-

int Gi 0/1 - no ip -will be used for LAN

Location A and B are connected with the help of MPLS ISP Cloud .

We have configured the static route at both ends and they are able to PING each other.

I want to assign now LOCAL LAN /24 subnet at both locations and make them PING each other with the help of Tunneling/GRE.

Appreciate all your help.



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Re: Tunnelling between two locations

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Re: Tunnelling between two locations

Hello Leo,

Thanks you for the above post!

I am looking for a simple GRE tunnel between between two locations.

I am not able open above link with CCO access. IS it reqd more access?



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Re: Tunnelling between two locations

Hi Mirza,

The link does not require CCO account.

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Re: Tunnelling between two locations


If the link is to cisco/en/US/partner then it almost certainly does require a specific type of CCO account.

Setting up a GRE tunnel is not difficult and will work if you have set it up so that the 2 routers can ping each others outward facing interfaces. The configuration might look something like this:

interface tunnel 0

tunnel source

tunnel destination

ip address

The configuration of the other router would just reverse the source and destination addresses and pick an appropriate IP address for the tunnel. Then to get traffic from the LAN of both routers you would want to configure static routes for the remote LAN with the peer tunnel address as the next hop in the static route.



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