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Two ATM providers on same VWIC

I have a 2811 router with the AIM-ATM and VWIC2-2MFT-G703. Question: can I put dissimilar ATM service providers on that one card? So port 0 has one service provider and port 1 has another, both running ATM?

I am nervous because the timing commands on a card set the ENTIRE CARD, you can't set the timing on a per-port basis. If the two providers have dissimilar clock sources, won't it cause jitter or sync problems?

Please let me know if this will work, or if I need to put the providers on separate VWICS.


Re: Two ATM providers on same VWIC

The independent clocking mode is supported on this module VWIC2-2MFT-G703.To enable independent clocking mode, use the keyword independent in theclock source command. The independent keyword expands on the clock source

internal and clock source line commands to specify that the port can operate on an independent clocking domain. Prior to the addition of the independent keyword, port 0 was the default primary clock source, and port 1 was the default secondary clock source and is loop-timed. With independent clocking enabled, this dependency no longer exists, so the independent keyword means that both ports can be independently clocked

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