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Two connections from VPN (cisco ) client version 4.8

Hi ,

I use VPN client version 4.8 to connect to a network. I have a small home network (3 PC). I connect to work using this cisco client application. If I use 1 PC it connects very good, Now I want to use two PC's simultaneously to connect to same office from home.

I have two different user id's to connect.

Steps I do:

1.) Use PC 1 out of 3 PC's to connect to office. So far all ok. Connected successfully.

2.) Use PC 2 from home network of 3 PC to connect to office. The moment I run the cisco application and press connect, 1st one gets disconnected.

I am using a router as the out going gateway, all PC connect to router which is connected to modem.

Can I somehow do some settings or changes so that my both PC's are connected and does not get disconnected ?

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Re: Two connections from VPN (cisco ) client version 4.8


Are you using VPN 3005 Concentrator? if so, take a look at the "simultaneous login" under base Group and your specific group. Probably it's set to "1", try changing it to "2" to see if it works out ok for you.



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Re: Two connections from VPN (cisco ) client version 4.8

I am using CISCO Systems VPN Client - Version.

I did'nt find anywhere anything which I can change from 1 to 2 as u said in groups.


Please help. Really needed urgently. Have to disconnect and connect different users all the time :( .... very painfull

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