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Two Internet link failover on Cisco 1841 router and also segregate Private and public link

Hi all,

One of my customer want to upgrade own network. In Attached diagram there is showing two locations, one is Registerd office(RO) and another is Factory.In Registerd office customer has 1 MBPS internet link with 768 KBPS MPLS link terminated on Cisco 1841 router and router connected to Cisco ASA 5510 .All internet users inclusive factory users use to RO link.But When RO link goes down, Factory link automatically take over the responsbilty.In Factory customer has also 1 MBPS internet link with 768 KBPS MPLS link terminated on Cisco 1841 router and router connected to Cisco ASA 5510. In between factory and RO connectivity with 14 MBPS RF (primary Link) and point to point (backup link) connectivity. Everything is same except that there is presently a single 1841 router in Registered Office Mirzapur.  In diagram two separate routers as ‘Router’ and ‘Internal Router’ is shown by mistake.

Customer is looking for these changes, Which are given below:-

(1) Customer has been purchased one Cisco 2821 Router.

(2) Customer want to connect RF link (which is currently connected  in CE 500 switch at RO), Point to point link (which is currently connected  in Cisco 1841 router at RO) and 768 KBPS MPLS link (which is currently combined connected with 1 mbps internet link in Cisco 1841) in the newly Cisco 2821 router.He want to seprate private link.

(3) In RO, customer has another 1 MBPS Reliance link and he wants to connect this as a failover on Cisco 1841 router where is airtel 1 mbps internet link is already running.

So please suggest me how to configure internet failover on cisco 1841 router and also how to configure 2821 router where we need to terminate all private link which are specify on above.After this upgradation, Network should be working fine means all internet users for RO and factory will use RO primary link, If primary link goes down traffic moves to secondary link if incase both link goes down then all internet users (RO & Factory) traffic will go to Factory link.

So, Please guys if you have this type of scenerio please share with me and also send me step by step configuration file for these activity.



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