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Two Router Branch Routing Design With T1 MPLS and ADSL

I'm looking for Routing Design scenarios to help complete our configuration needs for remote branches.  We will have two 1921 routers in each location, one with a T1 from our MPLS carrier, the other with a DSL connection from an ISP.  The T1 router will have an assigned AS and use BGP to router back to head quarters.  The DSL router will have an IPSec tunnel back to an ASA 5510 at head quarters. I envisions a GRE tunnel from the DSL router back to head end routers connecting to MPLS at head quarters.  Not sure yet how to manipuate the routing between head quarters and the branches such that the T1 router is the primary route to and from the branches and the DSL router is for failover/backup.  Any design scenarios/guides with like or similar routing configurations would be greatly appreciated to help us begin assembling a routing design.  

Thanks - Brian.


Re: Two Router Branch Routing Design With T1 MPLS and ADSL

use eigrp as the routing protocol for the VPN network if you have all Cisco equipment. Bgp routes have a lower administrative distance and will be preferred. If/when the MPLs fails the route failover should be virtually seamless.

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