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Two routing protocols using same rtr ID cause duplicate rtr id in EIGRP?

Hi all,

I have observed logging of "Ignored route, dup router:"

in the EIGRP events in one of our L3 core switch. Both the OSPF & EIGRP seems to be using same router id:

4510-S1#sh ip eigrp topology

IP-EIGRP Topology Table for AS(29)/ID(

4510-S1#sh ip ospf data

OSPF Router with ID ( (Process ID 100)

I know this ( not being used anywhere in our network. OSPF being redistributed into EIGRP.

4510-S1#sh ip eigrp events

15 10:41:38.933 Poison squashed: rt gone

16 10:41:38.933 RDB delete:

17 10:41:38.933 RDB delete:

18 10:41:38.933 RDB delete:

19 10:41:38.933 RDB delete:

26 10:41:38.933 Ignored route, neighbor info: Vlan26

27 10:41:38.933 Ignored route, dup router:

No production issues anyway. But what causing the dup rtr id entries..?

Also what is the exxact meaning of:

Poison squashed: rt gone

Thank you in advance


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Re: Two routing protocols using same rtr ID cause duplicate rtr

Hello Mehboob,

I would investigate on neighbor on Vlan26.

the EIGRP router-id is exported only on external routes data structures where there is a field where it is placed.

So the effect should be on a route imported in EIGRP on the neighbor

Hope to help


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