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types of DS3 connections to the internet

I'm trying to research what would be the best and industry standard way to upgrade my internet connection to a DS3. I don't need the full 45Mbps at this time, so a fractional would work. In the past I've used MCI with a Frame circuit, PVC and burstable to line speed.

What is the industry standard, Fractional or Frame with PVC? The DS3 cards are different, so I'd like to get it right in the design before ordering the wrong interface. I'm looking at Sprint for the ISP and the 38xx or 74xx series for the router. I'll add redundency after I upgrade my speed.

Thanks, Jack


Re: types of DS3 connections to the internet

I think the circuit encapsulation depends on what the provider offers. Most will do frame relay for fractional DS3.

I would go with the NM-1T3/E3 module

There is an ATM option as well if your provider only offers DS3 via ATM.


Re: types of DS3 connections to the internet

Hello Jack,

First I would ask myself: what is offered by the ISP and what does it cost?

Both are valid options and I would not order anything before I can answer the first question - just to avoid ending up with unused hardware or a more expensive solution.

Personal opinion: I would go for a full DS3 and limit speed through shaping/policing. In case I would like to upgrade my bandwidth (maybe only for a period of time) it should be more simple.

The routers should both support your requirements from an interface perspective. I do not know additional requirement, so it´s hard to give a definitive advice on that.

Hope this helps! Please rate all posts.

Regards, Martin

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