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UDP RTP Port Forwarding Range -- The Definitive Answer

We just purchased a cisco 3825 router running IOS 15.1. The slice of the topology in question is as follows:

            RTP (8000-20000)            RTP (8000-20000) <--------------> <---------->
   (Router)                  (SIP Proxy)             (Media Server)

What we are trying to accomplish is to have the UDP range 8000-20000 forwarded from the net to our SIP proxy Also, our SIP proxy forwards RTP traffic in the same range to our media server The links between the different servers, and the outside world are bi-directional.

Scouring the net there are some mixed reports on whether UDP port forwarding using a range is possible. Can we please have a definitive answer if the following will work in getting RTP traffic to

ip nat pool voip-rtp netmask type rotary
ip nat inside destination list 114 pool voip-rtp
ip route Dialer0

Finally, will we need another rule for the internal routing of RTP traffic (ie,<---->

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UDP RTP Port Forwarding Range -- The Definitive Answer

I'm not sure if this can only be accomplish with something like CUBE (Cisco Unified Border Element)

What you are trying to do is forward the traffic between two SIP legs.

I researched about it, and it seems that solutions like CUBE or Asterix can provide.

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