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Unable to acheive Link failover on two alternate WAN connections

Attached are the config  of our two remote routers one behind the other.

We two have WAN connection links (Radio  and fibre) but the radio do not take over network traffic during the fiber link outage.

The fiber link is directly connected on a routed interface while the radio link is virtually connected through a switchport on the same router.

The fiber is connected to router via a fast ethernet media converter, thus the interface always remain up.

We would have to manually shutdown the fiber link interface to force traffic before the radio link can carry traffic .

Please view the configurations on the attached and assist me with your findings.

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Re: Unable to acheive Link failover on two alternate WAN connect

Problem traced to static route on Near end remote router.

Therefore the router ignores ospf at the Near end remote but adheres to it at far remote.

Since the Fiber link interface is connected through a media converter, the interfac will remain always up, and static route keeps depending on it to forward traffic, until it is manually shutdown.

Static route removed and fallover test scheduled for tomorrow.

Any idea on how to take the fiber link interface down in this scenario.

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Re: Unable to acheive Link failover on two alternate WAN connect

Hello Don,

Reliable static routing with object tracking is what you need


so you can use an IP SLA or rtr object (IOS release dependent) to check if IP next-hop is really alive

Hope to help


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