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Universal Network Cable

Just wanted to get everyones input on the Universal Network Cable.

Just bought one, wish it was around 5 years ago though!

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Re: Universal Network Cable

I've never used it but studying what information on the design that is available it should work.

With the marketecture in the ad I am a little confused that they say it can be a straight through or crossover RJ45 cable but stop short of saying

it meets a standard for Cat5e.  It would probably work but maybe not if the run to the station jack was exactly 300' and maybe the guy who terminated the jacks never learned what NExT is.  Bottom line -- I'd buy one for the tool bag possibly but not sure how it would fare "in the wild" with users looking at it and saying "gee I wonder what this little dial setting is for" and then calling your help desk.

The other thing that got me was:

T1: Connect to DDS lines / T1  trunk lines -- ok.  T1 is pins 1,2,4,5 which it illustrates the wiring.  Isn't DDS 1,2,7,8 for 56k (not that many of these are seen anymore...)



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Re: Universal Network Cable

I picked one up from - works like a charm on both cat5 and cat6 standards. Being a mobile tech, it's so easy to switch from xover to straight-through, and the loopback.

Highly recommended for any network guru!

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Re: Universal Network Cable

Thanks for the Responses!

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