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unknown "L" code

I'm running a Cisco 7604 with 122-33.SRB1 code. When I look at the routing table, I notices a new code. Does anyone know what this code means?

ROUTER#sh ip route

Codes: L - local

L is directly connected, Serial2/1/0.858

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Re: unknown "L" code

normally this should be the output of the "show ip mroute". but here is what it means:

The router itself is a member of the multicast group.

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Re: unknown "L" code

It must be a new default config because I'm not doing multicast on that router. Another thing, the L code only shows up on my 7604 router with new 12.2.33 SRB code.

Thanks again for you response.

Re: unknown "L" code

This is an interesting change in behavior. It reminds me of IPv6, where an 'L' means that it is a host route to the address of your own local interface. IPv6 does this on serial interfaces (and more importantly Frame Relay) so that you can ping your own address without having to bounce the ping off a neighbor. That is why you don't need a frame-relay map to your own IPv6 address in order to be able to ping it.

But I didn't know they were considering doing that for IPv4 as well. Let us know more if you find out anything. Is the local interface configured with a /31 by any chance? Maybe that causes it.

Kevin Dorrell


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