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Unmanaged Leased Line Routing

Hello All,

I am new here so please be nice

I am looking for some helping with routing a unmanged Leased Line, here are the details the ISP have givin us.

IP Version: IPv4

WAN Network:195.x.9.33/30

Peer IP: 195.x.9.34 Customer Peer IP:195.x.9.35

LAN IPs: 145.x.112.234/29

The client has a a single ethernet port on their fibre leased line unit and they have their own firewall that they would like to us the address on, I am guessing we need to setup another router (Cisco maybe) with a wan port with the WAN details of :

IP           195.x.9.35


Gateway 195.x.9.34 

Then create a static route routing the 145.x.112.234/29 through the 195.x.9.34 gateway.  Then somehow connect the clients firewall (a small draytek unit) to the Cisco unit so that their firewall (Draytek) has the external IP of 145.x.112.235 on and the gateway of 145.x.112.234.

Then their firewall has DHCP on it for all their lan clients on the 192.168.11.x range which will nat through this firewall and be presented to the outside world on 145.x.112.235

Have I got this totally wrong, I am thinking yes it's all wrong if so what would be the best way to configure this on a Cisco unit and which unit will do the job cheaply.

Thanks in advanced,

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Re: Unmanaged Leased Line Routing

The solution you mentioned will work very well, another aolution is to connect the firewalldirectly to your SP if there is no need for the router. You will need the router for some reason, if a feature is not supported by the firewall (for example routing protocol, or wan type)
If that is not the case, then you can use the FW only

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