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Unrestricted vs Restricted licenses

On a 515E Pix, with restricted license and 32MB of RAM, do I need to buy an Unrestricted license before upgrading this Pix to 128MB of Ram?

Or can I just buy the 128MB RAM memory and install it on this Pix without the need of buying an Unrestricted license?


Re: Unrestricted vs Restricted licenses

Check below for the memory upgrade info.

Your 32M Restricted lic. cannot upgrade to 128M. Or you can simple order the R to UR option that already include the 128M upgrade together w/ the lic.


515/515E R to UR License Upgrade (includes VAC PLUS, 128MB R

Hope this helps.

New Member

Re: Unrestricted vs Restricted licenses

I just read that link and I have a question now....

Is this the reason I have read before that in order to jump from 32mb to 128mb, I need to get 2 64mb dimms as opposed to getting a single 128mb dimm?

In other words, if I jump straight to the single 128mb dimm, it seems like I won't be able to boot my 515e because it has a restricted license with 32mb and this restricted license is not capable of reading 128mb of RAM. And if I buy the UR license in order to jump to 128mb of RAM, I won't be able to install this UR license because it requires a minimum of 64mb and I currently have only 32mb

This then, points me to think that I need to buy 2 64mb dimms. I will then take out my current 32mb dimm, grab one of my 2 new 64mb dimms (if I end up buying 2 64mb dimms), and put it into my pix 515E so I can have 64mb total of RAM, which is the max for Restricted license, and the minimum requirement before upgrading to 128mb. BUT, AT THE SAME TIME, I have read on a cisco page that IF I buy a 64mb dimm, my unit's cover won't be able to close because of the physical height of the 64mb dimm, and Cisco does not recommend running the pix 515E with "an open cover"

so, what do I do?


Re: Unrestricted vs Restricted licenses

Referring to the part no. that I provided and seached CCO, there is the finding :

The 32MB will be replaced by two 64MB RAM (i.e. no need to upgrade to 64MB first). According to the description of the part no., the memory is included , however, I recommend to check w/ youe Cisco resller to double confirm it.

Therefore, you should only need to order the part no. that I provided and also order the OS 7.0 to support 128MB RAM.

Hope this helps.

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