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Upgrade flash memory at 2821!!

We have 64MB flash and want to upgrade to 128MB.

What is the best way to copy all the files in the flash to the new one?

I have flash card reader, but I use "copy flash:xxx tftp:" to my PC, and copy the file to my flash card reader.

Then I plug the flash to router, it seems not readable??

Are the format different?? FAT32??



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Re: Upgrade flash memory at 2821!!

Hello Kenneth,


I would suggest to remove the compact flash from the router after it has booted IOS.

Insert the new CF, format it, download the files that you have saved on the tftp server.

use verify command to verify the image file then try to reboot.

Using the PC is handy but is safer to do this way

Hope to help



Re: Upgrade flash memory at 2821!!

Hi Giuseppe,

I am so sorry if you misunderstand my questions.

Since the 2821 is also CME (Callmanager express), which has a lot of files include phone load and ring tones.

I want to copy all the files includes IOS image to the new one first.

Then I just want to remove the 64MB flash, inset the 128MB flash and then reboot the router.

Again, how to copy all the files to 128MB flash in advances.



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Re: Upgrade flash memory at 2821!!

Hello Ken,

I think you should at least format the flash on a C2800 router (another one could be fine).

I don't know if CME can work without the compact flash inserted in the router: if it needs to access the files during normal operation this is a problem and you need to schedule a maintenance window.

I understand that you would like to minimize out of service, but it is also important that the router will be able to boot many times from the same flash. So the safer way on the long term is to format the flash on the router that will use it or in another C2821.

We had some years ago a problem for this reason: a flash formatted and written on a C7507 with an image for GSR then the flash was inserted on GSR. It was OK for some time then one day the GSR rebooting complained of the flash and was stucked in rommon.

Hope to help


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