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Upgrading a 2811 IOS

I purchased a 2811 with C2800nm-ipbase-mz.124.3h.bin

Later found out we needed the security bundle so I purchased S28NASK9-12409T which is the security bundle which is


Now, how do I upgrade it correctly so that I can have the thing up and running.

I have the image I want to use on a USB key ready to go.


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Re: Upgrading a 2811 IOS

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Re: Upgrading a 2811 IOS

I figured that part out a couple of weeks ago, what I need to find out is how, step by step, to load the new image from the usb drive onto the file system and then get the router to boot the new image, thats what I'm hazy about. I've put a lot of routers in and configured them but never a upgrade or IOS change. I usually install, configure and thats it for 3 or 4 years.

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Re: Upgrading a 2811 IOS

My apologies.

The process is the same as doing it from a tftp: or ftp: server.

This URL will give you the general idea

I'm unable to provide the step-by-step instruction as I don't have an equipment with USB on it.




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Re: Upgrading a 2811 IOS


I have not actually used the USB capability on a router yet so this response is based on what I have read but not on any actual experience.

First a caveat: the documentation states pretty clearly that the USB needs to be a "cisco" USB rather than some generic USB. So do you have a "cisco" USB?

I would assume that the best way to check it would be to insert the USB and see if the router recognizes it. If you can do a dir (or a show) on usbflash0 or on usbflash1 then you should be good to go.

If the router recognizes the USB you should be able to boot directly from the USB. I would expect there to be an option in the boot system command to specify the USB as the filesystem for the image (boot system usbflash0: or boot system usbflash1:).

Or perhaps you might want to try to copy the image from the USB into the usual flash so that the router is not dependent on the external boot source during normal operation. I would expect that copy ? would show usbflash0 or usbflash1 as a possible source for the copy operation.



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Re: Upgrading a 2811 IOS

Actually experimented with the USB features on a 2811 a month or so ago.

It seemed generic USB sticks work, but there was an issue with size (64 MB or under?) and/or format (FAT?). Sorry, don't recall the specifics, but we tried a few different brand X, all seemed to work fine if they had what was expected.

Also, I recall there might be a requirement that the bootrom needs to be at 12.4(13r)T5, if you want to actually boot off it.

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