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upgrading IOS - Will it fit??

We have a 1841 router running an ipbase IOS. We need to upgrade it to a spservice IOS.

The ipbase IOS is 13.2 MB (13925828 bytes)

the spservice IOS is 18.4 MB (19 293 798 bytes)

here is the current show flash

SA#sh flash

-#- --length-- -----date/time------ path

1 13925828 Sep 28 2005 14:08:20 +10:00 c1841-ipbase-mz.124-1a.bin

2 1644 Sep 28 2005 14:21:28 +10:00 sdmconfig-18xx.cfg

3 4052480 Sep 28 2005 14:22:02 +10:00 sdm.tar

4 812032 Sep 28 2005 14:22:26 +10:00 es.tar

5 1007616 Sep 28 2005 14:22:50 +10:00 common.tar

6 1038 Sep 28 2005 14:23:12 +10:00 home.shtml

7 113152 Sep 28 2005 14:23:34 +10:00 home.tar

8 511939 Sep 28 2005 14:23:56 +10:00 128MB.sdf

11493376 bytes available (20439040 bytes used)

so i think the new IOS might just fit since it is only 5MB bigger than the current IOS and there is about 10MB of free space... i'm doing this remotely so i need to make sure i get it right the first time... so do you guys think it will fit if i erase the old IOS first?


Re: upgrading IOS - Will it fit??

It should fit, but you needn't worry about getting it right firat time, as the router runs the IOS from DRAM - you can safely delete the IOS, try installing the new one then put the old one back as long as the router does not reload while you are doing it.

I am not sure if you need to squeeze the flash on an 1800 after deletion - some router deleting a file only flags it as deleted so you need to squeeze the flash to actually get the space back.

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Re: upgrading IOS - Will it fit??

Paul and Lucas

This is a good point. But the 1841 does not require a squeeze. When you delete a file on the 1841 the space is immediately available.



Re: upgrading IOS - Will it fit??

Thanks for the correction - I was not sure so thought it better to mention that it may be needed than have Luca panic whe he deletes a file and still only has a few meg available.

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