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Uploading config through console cable

Hi all first post here. In my effort to learn Cisco I have purchased 6 2501 routers off ebay. My goal is to set up a number of different networks saving the configs on my pc. My question there a way to upload configs throught my console cable? for Instance I have 6 seperate configs on my TFTP server for my first network names RTR-1-NETWORK-1, RTR-2-NETWORK-1, etc (up to router 6). Now lets say I wr erase on all 6 routers and set up a totally different network and call the files RTR-1-NETWORK-2 (up to router 6 again). At this point if I wan't to load all the configs from the first or from the second netowrk via TFTP I will have to (I am presuming) put in a crossover cable to each router individually and upload the config I want . In addition I am assuming I will have to manually put the IP on the Ethernet Port...I don't wan't to have to do this instead I would like to be able to upload the config I want AFTER doing a write erase directly throught my console cable...Can I do this. Thank you and I hope I'm in the correct forum to get this ansered :)


Re: Uploading config through console cable


you can access the console with proper cabling (rollover) and then copy and paste the config into the router through a terminal program (HyperTerm, TeraTerm, etc.).

When you are on the console prompt



Router#configure terminal


Here you can paste the desired config.

Be aware that sometimes you may have to do this in several "chunks" because some errors might occur in case the config file gets too large.

Hope this helps


Re: Uploading config through console cable


u can also make use of xmodem file transfer to get ur config file onto the nvram of the router.

try copy xmodem:config-filename nvram:startup-config

then reboot the router without saving the running config over the startup.

or else copy the config file as ur running-config and save it using write mem command.


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Re: Uploading config through console cable

Another option is not to save the running config to startup.

So you work with your network-2 configuration files on the routers, but don't do "save config".

Then you could backup your configs to tftp server (assuming the routers can contact the tftp server with new-network-2)

Then reboot each router and it will load the startup config.

Hope that helps


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