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Urgent help needed

gusy i m pretty new to this....i have a question infact series of questions which relates to understanding is that IPSEC (plz correct me if i am wrong) is an open standard......IKE is a negotion protocol of IPSEC......IPSEC has three main security protocols AH, ESP, ESP-AH ....AH only use authentication plus protection.......ESP uses encryption (option of DES,3DES,AES,RSA) for authentication it uses MD5 or SHA-1 and for protection it uses DH1,2,3,4,5

Now guys can some one tell me what this DH1,2,3,4,5 do like DES,etc is used for scrambling data........Md5 etc is used for data-integrity (hashing) what does these DH can someone please tell me that in IKE phase 1 what r the steps these keys there are two typr of keys one is symertric and other is Asys....but widley we use Symt keys is that right???? thanks for advance and please guys add something for my knowledge i have a project to start and i really need help from u guys....thanks in advance...

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