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urgent technical question

hi, i've configured two hdsl wics on cisco router(2811)model, and each wic obtained its static real ip address from the specified isp, and now each wic line is connected to the internet but separately. my question is how can i performe a load balancing on those two hdsl wics to distribute the data evenly on the two intenet lines. and also how can i perform a backup line for the other. thanks alot for your urgent reply

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Re: urgent technical question

you may try with PBR - policy based routing

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Re: urgent technical question

thanks alot shiva for ur reply, but i want to know what the PBR - policy based routing is, and from where i can get its documentation, i'm in a spot in my work because this issue, thanks for ur reply

Re: urgent technical question


If your concern is to load-balance the traffic on the 2 internet links you have to run BGP with your service providers. BGP is the best solution for redundancy+loadbalancing.

If you are not hosting any service internally that need to be accessed from outside, & need to loadbalance outgoing internet traffic only then you may point 2 default routes to 2 ISP's. However, incoming traffic may not be load-balanced.

hope that clarifies.

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Re: urgent technical question

Configure 2 default routes to 2 your SP for outgoing load balancing and for incoming you can divide your network into 2 groups/subnets or HSRP with 2 groups .

Re: urgent technical question

Dear labib,

Load-balance in your case can be achived with tow steps.

Routing step.

1)Configure 2 default routes ( pointing to each of your serial interfaces (hwic) or sub-interface (the interface where the IP address configured),

also your ISP should configure 2 seperated static routes for your IP address space pointing to both of your interfaces.

Load-balance or load-share step.

2)enable CEF on your router (by default enabled since 12.0) and configure "ip load-sharing per-packet" command on both interfaces or sub-interfaces, also

make sure your ISP have the same config and load-balance method you used.

NOTE: If there is voice traffic running over this interfaces just enabled CEF and leave it with the default load-share method which is (per destination)

Here is your guide to configure CEF.

Best Regards,

Mounir Mohamed

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