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Use DR Internet when HQ is full

Is it possible to configure users on the internal network to use the DR Internet connection when the primary connection is full, or some percentage of being full?

At the moment we have the default gateway of the users as a dynamic route learned from the HQ edge router.

We have OSPF internally and BGP on the edges.

The edge advertises the default gateway to the core switches via BGP distribution into OSPF. If the HQ Internet goes down, the DR Internet takes over. The DR Default Gateway has a higher AD and is only in play if the HQ Internet connection is down.

Is it possible to use the DR internet connection that is just sitting and doing nothing?


Re: Use DR Internet when HQ is full

you mean load-balancing between links at different locations?? Assuming ur default gateway would be redistributed in to ospf with same cost at both locations, it then lies with ospf to do the trick. This may require varying metrics for the links connecting the PR & DR. Not advisable.

Dont know if that is possible. Even if its possible, u'll end up adding more load to the intranet links due the internet traffic flow all the way to DR. A better option is to have ur people located at DR site to access the internet with DR internet link.

Another option for forced usage is by applying PBR.

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Re: Use DR Internet when HQ is full

We have about 100 users at the main site accessing Internet via T1.

All remote branch users, about 100, are also accessing Internet from HQ.

What about having remote branches use DR Internet first and if that is down, use the HQ Internet, which would be just the reverse of what the HQ site is doing.

All remote sites are getting their routes via BGP, the MPLS edge router at the HQ site is advertising the default route to them.

So I guess the trick is to have the remote sites prefer the DR gateway over the HQ gateway, and the HQ site prefer the HQ gateway, while everyone sees both.

Can this be done via BGP?

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