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Using 72pin, 70ns Parity memory in 3640 routers?

I am upgrading a half dozen 3640's to 128MB RAM. From my searching, it appears the 3640 requires 60ns, Parity or NON-parity, 72pin EDO memory. Looking at Cisco web-site not clear on this.

I have installed some IBM 72pin, 70ns, Gold-lead, Parity memory in all four SIMM slots in my 3640. It boots up fine, in 64 bit, Parity mode! Am I at risk of damaging my router?

Another router booted fine using IBM 72pin, 60ns, Parity, Gold-lead EDO memory from an old IBM Aptiva computer. Again, is this a potential problem? Thanks so much for advice. Would hate to meltdown my new-found test lab!!!

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Re: Using 72pin, 70ns Parity memory in 3640 routers?

No you don't risk to damage the router.

The only thing is, the slots used by cisco are of the tin type and would require tin-plated ram modules. With the gold-plated ones, you risk damage to due to corrosive reaction in the longer term. So it would be better to use tin-plated module.

I know a very reputable vendor that I can pass to you if you contact me to the address in my profile.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: Using 72pin, 70ns Parity memory in 3640 routers?

Thanks for the info and offer. As this is a test lab only I'll see how it goes. Appreciate it.

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