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Verizon FIOS Config on 2514

I need some assistance configuring my 2514 to work with Verizon Fios. I don't have a static i.p. so I'm assuming the only way I can get the service to my jack is to configure the e0 interface with PPPoE and e1 interface with dynamic? Is this correct or how do I need to set this up? I'm a newb so forgive me. My 2514 will be connecting to my 2950 switch and I will need some advice on setting that up as well. I've attached my ver info on for the router and switch. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Re: Verizon FIOS Config on 2514

I don't know the total specifics, but you'll also have to set up a dialer interface and tie that to e0, IIRC. Also, keep in mind, if it really is an "e0" (I haven't looked at the specs for a 2514), you'll be limited to 10Mbps.

Oh, and if you really wanna go the cheap 'n' easy way. . .let the Verizon tech setup whatever crap they give you, have him just set it up for (I think) a pass-thru connection (basically, it'll act as a gateway), and you can hook your 2514 up and just give it DHCP on e0. I've heard directly connecting to FIOS with Cisco equipment isn't too newbie friendly.

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Re: Verizon FIOS Config on 2514

Ok, so I've already got a Linksys VPN router that I'm using to pipe the data into. I'm going to bridge the Linksys VPN box and will go from there on the e0 dhcp routing internal to my network. I'll see if that works and let you know. I think I understood you correctly!

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