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Video Conferencing

Dear All,

We are going to establish a video conferencing between three locations with main location. However, the suitable router to install it in each sub-location is Cisco2801 with Cisco 2851 in the HO.

Kindly, I need your recommendations for the kind of the routers?

Note: Please find attached file for this scenario (it was built by Microsoft Visio 2003)

Thank you


Re: Video Conferencing

Hi Friend,

As per the Visio diagram, I think you should be more concern about the WAN bandwidth. 2801 will suffice your need at the branch location but more to notice is the available bandwidth at each site.

What frame size you will be using for video confrencing on the end devices. Remeber more the frame size more bandwitdh you need on the WAN link to suffice the need. I think the way to go about it is check with the VC vendor about the frame size that will be used between the devices and then plan accordingly to implement the QOS (Quality of Service) for the video traffic. If proper planning is not done then you will get into a lots of issue. Make sure that you have rate limiting also set up so that the video traffic donot eat up the whole link bandwidth. Pleae check the link below for implementing QOS on the router:

HTH, Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

Community Member

Re: Video Conferencing

Hi amit,

Thanx for your support and regarding the frame size it will be 30 fps based on the attached data sheet.

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