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Virtual-Access interface

I have got a virtual-access interface on a router. i don't know from where it came in. There is no PPP multilink on this router.

Can someone please explain this?

Attached is show run and show ip int brief.


VIP Purple

Re: Virtual-Access interface


the following bug might apply to your problem:

CSCdz83041 Bug Details

Unnecessary base vaccess created for vtemplate subinterface

"The Virtual-Access1 interface is a Base VtMgr vaccess (also seen in

the output of "show interface virtual-access 1"). This is created for

internal use and is not freed.

When PPPoE or PPPoA are enabled, a base vaccess is created for each application. Similarly, when a VPDN tunnel is terminated on the LNS, a base vaccess is created for it. These base vaccess are needed to support sub-interfaces, utilizing the various vectors

in the base vaccess's hwidb. These base vaccesses are not freed, and this is the expected behavior."

Then there is also CSCdy60608 (not viewable), which I think eliminates this VA creation for any image that has the PPPoE subsystem (regardless

of PPPoE being configured).

This appears to be fixed in 12.3.Can you try and load 12.3, and check if the problem persists ?



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Re: Virtual-Access interface

Thank you. I will upgrade to 12.3 and update the results.

There is another weird problem that I have been facing with virtual-access interface on 7200 VXR.

I am using PPP multilink on the dialer interface. And there also are manually defined multilinks grouping multiple channels in channelized E1.

Now when I administratively shut down channelized E1 multilink, the dialer dials as per interesting traffic. And virtual-access interface also gets into UP status. The problem is thst now if I administratively no shut on channelized E1 multilink then it remains in down state till the time virtual-access is up. It seems as if virtual-access interface is somehow conflicting with multilink interfaces. To bring multilink up I have to administratively shut down the dialer interface which brings virtual-access interface down.

Are there any known issues for such problem or am I missing something??

Attached is the configuration.

Thanks again!!

Re: Virtual-Access interface


Regarding the channel group allocation for each site can u revert whether you have induvidual 64K connecting ur DC to the respective locations (like faizabad,kanpur) or is it a single 384K or 256K link connecting the locations ??

If thats the case u can modify the config by mapping the timeslots to a particular channelgroup instead of configuring different serial itnerfaces and binding them under a single multilink interface.

controller E1 5/0

framing NO-CRC4

channel-group 0 timeslots 1-5


interface Serial5/0:0

description ******** CE FAIZABAD *******

ip address x.x.x.x x.x.x.x


you can do something like wht i hve outlined above i feel that will help u upto a gr8 extent while troubleshooting as well during management purpose..

it represents a single pipe of 384K B/W to location Faizabad...accordingly u can configure for other locations tooo..


New Member

Re: Virtual-Access interface


Thank you for the suggestion. I can try it later once I know more about it :(.

I unfortunately didn't get your question. As far as I understand its physically one link with 31,64 K channels. And channels are grouped together to make multilink of required capacity.

Re: Virtual-Access interface


I was mentioning about the physical connectivity in the remote locations example Faizabad in thise case.

Are the links terminating on a single physical interface as a single 384K physical link or seperate 6*64K links on 6 different interfaces in the remote site ?


New Member

Re: Virtual-Access interface


On the other side theres the same E1 controller. So its a one physical interface only.

Thank you

Re: Virtual-Access interface


Then i would suggest to make the config look and feel simpler for operation/troubleshooting purpose...


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