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vlan access-map troubleshooting


I just applied an Access-Map on a vlan to filter PPPoE traffic. But, how can I see the drop rate and stuff like that... I checked the Cisco documentation, but I can't find a ny good reference on that subject.

Here is my configuration :


mac access-list extended PPPOE-ACL

permit any any 0x8863 0x0

permit any any 0x8864 0x0


vlan access-map DROP-PPPOE-AM 10

action drop

match mac address PPPOE-ACL

vlan access-map DROP-PPPOE-AM 20

action forward


vlan filter DROP-PPPOE-AM vlan-list 201

The command I found (somewhat useless for the troubleshooting) :

show vlan filter

show vlan acccess-map

show access-lists PPPOE-ACL

Any tips???

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Re: vlan access-map troubleshooting

The following command can hekp in some kind

Hostname(config)#sh vlan access-map drop

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Re: vlan access-map troubleshooting

The command you suggested, doesn't exist. The "drop" parameter is actually considered as the Access-Map name (check with the "?").

hostname#sh vlan access-map ?

WORD Access-map name

| Output modifiers


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Re: vlan access-map troubleshooting


on the acl add the 'log' option at the end.

for instance,

permit ip any any log

will send all traffic to the log process.

You must enable log buffer to store the login locally or logging host to send it to a syslog server.

HTH, if it does please rate my reply.


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Re: vlan access-map troubleshooting

"mac access-list extended" doesn't support "log" option. :(

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