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VLan Routing Across a P2P T1

I am hoping you all can help me figure out the best way to do this:

We have 2 locations that are connected across a p2p t1 and Location 2 comes back to location 1 for internet access.

We have wifi networks setup at both locations for internal use.  We recently setup a wifi network at location 1 for "Guest" (internet only) access.

This guest wifi network is setup and routed directly to our internet connection through a separate vlan (vlan 31).

What is the best way to setup and route this Guest network for location 2?  I have already mirrored the setup on the AP at Location 2, I'm not sure what the best way would be to create/route that vlan traffic back to location 1.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Re: VLan Routing Across a P2P T1

You cannot carry VLANs on T1, at least not easily.

For guest wifi at location 2, setup a new subnet ad associate to the guest SSID and VLAN.

Then on your router at location 2, configure an ACL to block said subnet from goign to your private network.

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Re: VLan Routing Across a P2P T1

So, help me understand this because I am newer to this caliber of networking, If I setup the ACL on my router at Location 2 to block the Guest subnet from accessing the private network, won't I need another statement in that ACL to hand that traffic off to the router at location 1 to access the internet?

Sorry for my naivety.

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Re: VLan Routing Across a P2P T1

I gave you the general concept. Then you work out the details depending by your particular setup.

If you are not sure how IP routing works, etc, I would recommend you get support from a reputable consultant, or certified cisco partner.

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