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vlan routing

I have a 3560 .

I have to create vlan for each tester and have dhcp server(windows) for this vlan where they can configure diff scopes..etd.

is there any wizard that i use in network assistant ??

the ip phones in these vlans shoulb ne able to talk to call servers in main network to do routing between diff subnets..



Re: vlan routing

Click the Front Panel View icon from the toolbar.Click the Front Panel View icon from the toolbar. Select the switches from the left tab to do the configuration .From the Front Panel View, do a rubber-band selection by holding the

left mouse button and selecting ports across multiple switches If you need to configure noncontiguous ports (that is, a group of ports across multiple switches), hold down the CTRL key and then select the ports with the left mouse button .When the ports are selected, you can apply uniform configuration to all the selected ports at once by doing a right mouse click and selecting from the drop-down options .Choose VLAN and configure specific parameters for VLAN creation in all the selected ports. Selecting Switches for Front Panel View. Rubber-Band Selection of Ports.To select noncontiguous ports, hold down the CTRL key and select the individual port or groups of ports across switches. Selecting Noncontiguous Ports. Applying Configurations to Selected Ports.Refer URL

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