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VNC access to remote clients using Cisco VPN

To anyone

I have Tight VNC installed on users laptops. They have Tight VNC with port 5900.

Problem is that I am not able to connect to there laptop when I am in the office and they are at home or traveling.

They connect to our office network using our Cisco VPN Client.

I want to use VNC for remote control of there laptop for troubleshoot there laptop issues.

I am able to use VNC and the Cisco VPN connection from home to control my computers and servers in the office but I also want

to do it also the other way around also.

Is there a solution or setting for this?

The router we have here is Cisco 891 router


VNC access to remote clients using Cisco VPN

How is your VPN configured?  From:

....You need to ensure you have network extension mode configured.

"The Cisco Easy VPN client feature can be configured in one of two modes: client mode or network

extension mode. Client mode is the default configuration and allows only devices at the client site to

access resources at the central site. Resources at the client site are unavailable to the central site.

Network extension mode allows users at the central site (where the VPN 3000 series concentrator is

located) to access network resources on the client site."


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Re: VNC access to remote clients using Cisco VPN


how do I enable the VPN Client to network extension mode

or you can send me a link that shows me how to do this.

Is this setting done on the router or on my cisco VPN client software installed on the users laptop

thank you


Re: VNC access to remote clients using Cisco VPN

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