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voice and data vlan

hello friends,

iam configuring L3 switches where 2-3750 and 3560 switches are there 3750 is my core switch with whom 3560 are connected as client (vtp) i need to configure Voice and data vlan which should be working on each single port of 3560 and also where should i configure QOS whether on 3750 or 3560.


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this is how it is coneected.Please help...


Re: voice and data vlan


Always rember one thing your voice vlan will be tagged with the existing vlan. But it should be tagged where your ip phone is atatched means the origin.

switchport voice vlan 10

switchport access vlan 10

Above commands can be run on the same port.



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Re: voice and data vlan

Hi Shivu,

you can configure both vlan in single port.u need to configure the QOS on both L3 swicthes

example for configuring the data & Voice vlan in single port

int f0/10

Swicth port access vlan 10

switch port voice vlan 20

Please let me know ,i have answered ypur queryies

Re: voice and data vlan

Yes u can configure a signle switchport to both data & voice.

Lets say data vlan is 50 & voice vlan is 100. Then config on switchport looks like this:

int fa0/10

swithcport access vlan 50

switchport voice vlan 100

By default, pkts from data vlan are untagged while voice pkts are tagged by the IP phone itself. Any pkt tagged with QoS value looses its QoS value when it need to cross that switch. Thus you need to have a command "mls qos trust" on all access ports to which IP phones are conected. Also need to have this comand on trunk ports, as this makes the switch to pass the pkt to anothr device while retaining its attributes.

Pls note that within a LAN pkts are marked with COS values, if you need the pkts to travel WAN with QoS then you need to translate the COS values to DSCP.

hope this helps.

pls rate all helpful posts.

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Re: voice and data vlan

hi Sandy

I use the swiches webinterface to configure the ports, you just have to tell what port is Data+VoIP and the vlans used for that. The rest will be done by the macros (you can use the macro in the cli as well)


hostname#show parser macro

to see the macros.


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