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VoIP over Public Internet

Is it recomended to use VPN tunnel when creating a VoIP tunnel over a public internet connection???

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Re: VoIP over Public Internet

It depends by the quality of the Internet. In these days of fast internet, generally works fine. Then there are codecs like ilbc that are resilient to moderate packet loss and that helps a lot.

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Re: VoIP over Public Internet

My personal opinion is YES. Unless you don't mind the ISP's to be able to listen to the phone conversations of your business.

Re: VoIP over Public Internet


I think there are two more points which you should consider.

(1)If you are creating tunnel to enable private IPs to exchage data, then it makes sense to create a VPN tunnel.

(2)If you are using live IPs, but is encrypting the tunnel then it makes sense.

Otherwise why are you creating overhead on to the router memory and also wasting your bandwidth on non-required setup

Also depends on the technology you are using. If your are using non-cisco lower end H.323 devices(like Intel etc), they in general do not support NAT.You need to give live IPs onto them.

If you are using SIP, then its OK.

Sorry, I do not have much knowledge about Cisco VoIP devices.I have majorly worked in TDMA type VoIP boxes.

Hope this will help.Pls do correct me if I am wrong.



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Re: VoIP over Public Internet

Thanks everyone for the help.

Osvaldo U.

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