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VPN, CIR, QOS and COS for ADSL via cisco 837

Hi there people

I have a frame-relay network. 2 E1 with a couple of pvc's running off each link. They load-balancing as well. My concern is that there is a cheaper alternative. Namely ADSL. If you guys can give some input concerning the reliability factor of using ADSL for vpn. And is it possible to have qos, cir and cos on adsl. to my understanding, adsl is best effort and goes via the massive Internet cloud.

They basically trying to sell me, 512 download with 192 upload. 20gig cap and a 32 CIR for each link....

Your help will be appreciated.


Re: VPN, CIR, QOS and COS for ADSL via cisco 837

DSL is widely available nowadays. It comes in different flavours. ADSL is primarily for home and small business use. All DSL solutions or built upon ATM networks that terminate in POPs near to the home/office. ATM is designed with QoS in mind and is capable of guaranteeing minmal data rates.

I don't know your business needs but I advise you to invite a sales representative to inform you about the possibilities in your area.

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