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VPN doesn't work with bonded MPLS circuit

Hey guys,

I just started a new job at the beginning of April.  We have one corporate site and about 16 small remote sites.  The infrastructure is fairly simple, but we are having problems moving forward.  Each remote site has a T1.  All internet traffic & WAN traffic goes over their T1. 

At our corporate site, we have a single T1 for internet and two bonded T1's that we call the "MPLS network" for our WAN.  We also have a Cisco ASA 5505 for firewall & VPN.  Apparently my predacesor couldn't get VPN working on the bonded MPLS network so he installed an extra T1 just for that.

My question / problem is that we want to have a bigger connection to the internet.  We have talked with some local broadband resellers in our area and they are offering to bring fiber in to the building.  (We can get a 10 meg hand-off from them cheaper than what we pay for the three T1's now).  Can someone point me in the right direction to get internet access & WAN access functioning over this bigger pipe?  Is it as simple as setting up split tunneling on the ASA?  Another term that was mentioned is "enhanced port."  When I google "Enhanced port," I don't get anything specific back about Cisco so I think it's more of a general term.

Some more background on the infrastructure...

We have a Cisco phone system with end points at all remote locations.  We use the MPLS for voice & data between all sites.

Thanks in advance!

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