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VPN Load balancing

I have several links to the Internet. Also, i have a server outside (in the Internet) with a large

bandwidth. I want to use the sum of all links for the internet. I think i have to make an VPN using all

my internet links, with outside server in order to get a large bandwidth.


/---1 link---\

Me> ---2 link--- (Internet) --- server outside ---(Internet)

\---3 link---/

How can i do this?

Outside server is on FreeBSD (it may be Linux). My server can be Cisco, or othe Unix OS.

At this moment, all links have the same bandwidh.

So, i want to download file from the internet with speed equal with sum of all bw links.


Re: VPN Load balancing

If you have multiple-pair VPN gateways, you can consider to use Thomas' suggestion.

If you have one VPN gateway (e.g. router) for multiple Internet. You have to ensure your router model can handle such kind of traffic loading, due to VPN will consumpt more CPU resources.

Once you enable multuple VPN to the remote. You may conside to enable per-packet load-sharing. It will provide more balance between the load-sharing links but not 100% equal loading. However, you need to carry the test w/ users to determine any problem when enable this per-packet LS. It was because the packet sequence may be changed (due to latency or other reasons) and some application may require to maintain some source / destination address.

Hope this helps.

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