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VPN selective routing?

We have a point to point vpn and client vpn on the same device.

I need the ptp vpn to forward all traffic it does not know about to our core device for internet filtering.

I need the client vpn to also forward to our core for internet filtering but it also needs to send the traffic back out to the originating client, which is assumably a route it does not know about.

I've currently put in static routes for the few people who are using the client vpn but I'd love it to automatically return that traffic without the static routes. Is that done with IP Route VRF?

Can anyone give me any ideas to try out and if possible sample config for those sections that would apply?

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Sorry I think I have to clarify this a bit.

Without the static route in for the client the client session never starts. I'm assuming because when it receives the request to set up the vpn it doesn't know where to reply back to so it sends it to our core which then forwards it to our firewall, which drops the request. I can probably ask our security guy to allow that traffic out from that device, but I'd much rather do it on my end if possible.

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Re: VPN selective routing?

A VRF table stores routing data for each VPN. IP route vrf is used to establish static routes for a VRF. So its a better idea to try with ip route vrf.

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